Discharger - Until We Die

Rebellion Records

After flirting with several German labels, Discharger is back home! Because after an absence of nearly nine years, the band has returned to the label where it all started for them, Rebellion Records, for their brand new, fifth, full-length album “Until We Die”!

Obviously a lot has changed for the band since they debuted on Rebellion Records in 2004 with “Born Immortal”. Not only did the band’s fan-base steadily grew throughout the years, Discharger’s sound massively developed as well. From the youthful, rebellious Oi!-punk on their first two albums, to the powerhouse they became from their third album, “The Sword Of Our Ancestors”, and up! Brutal Oi! and streetrock, mixed with roaring heavy metal riffs and solo’s has been their trademark ever since and “Until We Die” is no exception!

Although I’d say the influences on “Until We Die” are more balanced out, opening track “From The Ashes” still kicks off with a thunderous, head banging riff that immediately sets a dark and violent tone for the rest of the album. But with the addition of acoustic and more traditional instruments, a few of the semi-acoustic tracks get a more folk-ish feel to it, much influenced by vocalist / guitarist Tim Steinfort’s solo work. This while the majority of the tracks is still brutally honest, street smart and hard hitting Oi! music in the form of superb songs like “Still Angry”, “Heroes”, “Us Against The Rest”, “Forever On Your Side”, “A New Dawn Breaks”, “Lion’s Heart” and “Provide To Be Exploited”!


Therefor “Until We Die” is perhaps Discharger’s most diverse record to date, but I reckon it’s their best as well! The ‘intoxicated soldiers’ from Amersfoort (Holland) still show development in their sound after ten years and leave us yet again with another smashing album!