Division 87 - Anti-Hymn

Clockwork Punk


Like most of us do, I often browse Bandcamp to keep an eye (and ear) out for new bands and new releases. A band that more recently caught my attention - thanks to its nice cover artwork - was the seven-track debut of Russian trio Division 87 entitled “Anti-Hymn”. Now, several months after its initial online release, the mini-album is released physically by Clockwork Punk on - like all of the label’s other releases - a cassette!


Limited to just 50 copies and with completely renewed cover artwork - which I might just like more than the cover of the digital version - the album’s program is duplicated on a single side of the tape, and repeats when you flip it around. Always handy - especially when the music is likeable, which is definitely the case with Division 87.


Including an intro (“Ugly”) and an outro, though the Muscovites refer to it as an anti-intro (“Smash The Dance Floor!”), “Anti-Hymn” features a total of seven hard-hitting anti hymns with a dreadful edge! Especially the breakdown in “Executioner” (undoubtedly my favorite track on this cassette) and the roaring guitars that kick in a minute and twenty seconds into title-track “Anti-Hymn” (a good runner-up) sound terrifying - in a good way! Good stuff!


Now I wouldn’t be surprised if this mini-album gets released on CD, or even a 12”, as well. Until then this tape will do though, but as said - only 50 copies were made - so don’t say I didn’t warn you! For the record, the band’s name and both album -and song-titles have been translated in this review, the release itself is completely in Russian.