Doomhammer - Reclaiming Valhalla

Crowd Control Media


Although Wisconsin outfit Doomhammer has been around for nearly ten years already, “Reclaiming Valhalla” is the first time ever the band makes its appearance on vinyl, thanks to Crowd Control Media! Collecting a large batch of the band’s recorded work, “Reclaiming Valhalla” counts a total of 18 tracks that are bound to make hardcore-music lovers go mental!


With barely 31 minutes on the clock, the 18 songs on “Reclaiming Valhalla” burst full-speed ahead out of your speakers at 45RPM! Ranging from songs that go back as far as the early days of the band, to more recent recordings of earlier this year, Doomhammer delivers a furious, and rather personal, mix of lyrics dealing with a ton of anger, hate and anxiety. Backed by an earth shattering rhythm section, evil riffs, small solo’s on songs like “Never Rest” and “Pandora” that are pure brilliance to me and vocalist Jon’s bark, that definitely will bite, songs as “Counting On Your Suicide”, “Hope Will Fade In Time”, “I Am Heaven And Hell”, “Demons”, “Embrace The Pain” and “Haunted” come from a very dark place.


Fortunately enough not every song was born out of pain and despair, because “Time Has Forgotten Us” learns that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you should always believe in better days to come. You would reckon that would make a good final track for “Reclaiming Valhalla”, but instead Doomhammer goes out with an absolute bang, that includes some double-bass action, with some of their latest songs like “Bury Me At Sea”, “Ice Beast”, “Prey For The Living” and an outstanding finale with a smashing version of the Blitz classic “New Age”!


“Reclaiming Valhalla” is part of Crowd Control Media’s ‘100 series’, so only 100 copies of this record were made on black vinyl. The record comes in a beautiful silk screened cover, is hand numbered (087/100 here), self-stamped center labels and a fold out lyric sheet, making it an absolute must-have for anyone who likes his or her hardcore music dark, evil and limited!