Drip Feed - Killer!

Elända Records


After debut EP “Music Strikes Like A Fucking Dagger” (2017) and last year’s (2018) split EP with Les Frappés, Stockholm’s Drip Feed is back with yet another slab of wax! Once again released by Elända Records, this 45 features another two new, unreleased songs - though recorded back in 2017 and 2018 already!


Delivered fast and ferocious, the Swedes crank out two, briskly hardcore-punk tunes in the form of title-track “Killer!” and the second part of “Face The Facts” - where part one was featured on the aforementioned split EP. It’s swift and loud, while the roaring guitars give both tracks - though “Face The Facts (Part Two)” in particular - a nice, hard rockin’ feel to them - I like it!


Besides the two songs, it’s also worth to mention that only 100 copies of this single were pressed. Hand-numbered and hand-stamped, white labels to go with, Drip Feed’s latest is a very limited release to say the least!


So if you like the band’s previous releases, or looking for a clash of sounds between GBH and Motörhead, Drip Feed delivers the goods with “Killer!”!