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Drip Feed / Les Frappés – Split EP

Unknown But Not Forgotten Records / Elände Records


With just a single EP released each, both Drip Feed and Les Frappés are still relatively new, Swedish bands. United together on this split EP, these outfits instantly doubled their number of releases on vinyl, thanks to Unknown But Not Forgotten Records and Elände Records!


First up is Drip Feed from Stockholm, who are no strangers to me due to 2016’s “Music Strikes Likes A Fucking Dagger” EP. It struck like a dagger indeed, and with “Hoaxed” and “Face The Facts” they show that there’s plenty more where that came from! “Hoaxed” is a fast-paced, hardcore-streetpunk stomper with snotty lead vocals, while “Face The Facts” slows things down a bit, but with a catchy chorus nonetheless! Fan of some Punk Core Records’ releases? Then you’ll probably like Drip Feed as well!


Now where Drip Feed already debuted in 2016 (or 2015 if you count along their demo), Les Frappés only debuted earlier this year with the “Om F’ra Mieux L’Année Prchaine…” EP on Pretty Shitty Town Records. Now I know I wrote earlier that both bands are Swedish, so pardon my French – because indeed, all songs (so far) have been in French, with their contribution to this split EP being no exception! Reminding me of bands such as Charge 69 and Néophyte – most likely only because of the shared language – these punks and skins deliver some good old charged streetpunk! Good stuff!


So if you want to know what those Swedes are up to nowadays when it comes down to streetpunk, this split EP is a good start. 500 copies made (all on black vinyl), with some nice artwork and a good looking lay-out to top it off.

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