Drip Feed – Insanity

Elände Records / Unknown But Not Forgotten Records

Only a year after the band’s last 7” “Killer!”, the Swedish punks of Drip Feed are back with yet another slab of wax! Crazier than before, the band drops three brand new recordings on their latest EP for Elände Records, entitled “Insanity”!

Now I don’t know what it is with Drip Feed, but ever since I reviewed their first 7” “Music Strikes Like A Fucking Dagger” I had a weak spot for these guys. They’ll never be my favorite band or anything, but every single record so far has been perfectly fine and quite enjoyable to say the least – so I never mind to hear more from these guys, especially when it sounds like this EP!

Because with “Insanity” the band does not just sound crazier than ever before, they also sound much stronger than ever before! The band grew both musically and sound-wise and you can definitely hear that back on this EP. Recently recorded (during the Summer of 2020), “Mental Maze”, “Marching Troops” and “Insanity/World’s Gone Insane” are brought with a lot more power and energy compared to 2019’s EP “Killer!” (with its recordings dating back to 2017/2018), showing that a lot can happen in two/three years. Especially the latter track, a massive five-minute hardcore-punk epos, is undoubtedly the band’s best work to date and highly recommended indeed!

Alike Drip Feed’s previous EP, “Insanity” is once again limited to just 100 copies worldwide (how do they do it?). Last time that might have been enough, but now... I’m not so sure. Time to take note if you’re into fast-paced, old school punk rock with a modern sound.