Drunken Rampage – Cause Punk Ain’t Pretty

Truckstop Toilet Records


Going at it for nearly a decade already, the British-fronted Drunken Rampage from New York City are about to release their debut LP “Cause Punk Ain’t Pretty” on vinyl, thanks to Truckstop Toilet Records. Finally I must add, because the band – featuring members of The Krays and Suicidal Supermarket Trolleys – recorded this drunken rampage back in 2017 already!


Now I have no idea why it took four years to get this baby out on vinyl, but thankfully Truckstop Toilet Records (who previously released Barking Mad’s “Stone Age” EP) stepped in (or up) and sent all necessities to the pressing plant to make it happen and the result is killer! Limited to 270 copies total (what’s in a number?), all records come on black vinyl and include a huge… no, massive(!) fold-out inner-sheet that functions as a booklet, a lyric-sheet, photo collage and a big ass poster all at once! Now punk might not be pretty, but the packaging of this record sure is!


Musically it’s all mayhem and disorder though! The mix of British UK’82, American chaos and pogo-punk make “Cause Punk Ain’t Pretty” a hard-hitting, rabble-rousing record fans of One Way System, Special Duties, Defiance, The Virus, The Casualties and Blanks ‘77 – just to name a few – will love! Over before you know it, the drunk punks crank out twelve tracks within 28 minutes – making it possible for the vinyl to spin at 45 RPM and burst extra loud out of the speakers – just the way I like it!


So even if it took nearly four years to get this record out on vinyl – the final result was well worth the wait if you like your punkrock fast, loud and ugly! So if you do, support Truckstop Toilet Records and get your pre-order in today as Drunken Rampage’s “Cause Punk Ain’t Pretty” will come out on the 28th of May (2021)!