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Duffy's Cut - Killers On The Dance Floor

Oi! The Boat Records


With the release of their self-titled debut 12” in 2013, Philadelphia’s own Duffy’s Cut was immediately turning heads. Their unique blend of various musical styles, ranging from mod to punk and from Motown to Oi!, resulted in a sound both powerful and soulful at the same time. Leaving everyone craving for more, 2015’s split EP with The Idle Gossip obviously wasn’t enough. But now our hunger finally gets satisfied, as Duffy’s Cut is about to unleash their first full-length featuring ten, all-new killers for on the dancefloor!


And filling up the dancefloor is what the tracks off “Killers On The Dance Floor” will do! Heavily improving on their – already superb – sound, Duffy’s Cut are absolutely killing it again with a mix of freakbeat / mod revival, soul-influences, a bit of ‘77 and, still the foundation of it all, their wild and raucous rock ‘n’ roll! All fluently shaped into the band’s already significant style, these songs are made to get you moving. And if they don’t, I don’t know what will!


The raw riffs, crazy solo’s, cranked up rhythms, the warm organ and the excellent, sometimes Bill McFadden-like, vocals of ex-Cranked Up! guitarist Jon Jeffers will get you revved up straight from the get-go. “Feeling Alright”, “Killers On The Dance Floor”, “She Don’t Dance”, “Keep It Moving”, “The Judge”, “A Tree Falls In Fishtown”..., there is simply not a single filler on this record, making Philly’s own British Invasion live up to both their choice in the album’s title and my personal expectations in general!


Last year Philly was already destroying my personal year lists and by the looks of it, 2017 won’t be any different! The first contender is already here and it’s only January (when I write this)! Brought with class and style, Duffy’s Cut deliver their long-awaited, and very anticipated, full-length debut and it’s dynamite! So polish up your dancing shoes, because you’ll be needing them when “Killers On The Dance Floor” drops this March!

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