DUSTERS - Demo 2016

Psychotic BREAK Records


I don’t have a lot of background info on DUSTERS yet, but in a nutshell: the band established in 2015, hail from the Garden State and recently released their first demo-cassette through Psychotic BREAK Records. Basically all you need to know right? Right. So let’s get this review going!


Oi! influenced hardcore, or hardcore influenced Oi! music? Either way, influenced by the usual suspects when Oi! and hardcore mash-up (Negative Approach, 86 Mentality... you know the drill), the Jersey boys bust out six sick tunes, including a raw and vicious version of The Oppressed’s “Ultra Violence”! Rowdy and violent, the band mixes up mid-tempo stompers with fast-paced sluggers, exactly how fans of newer bands such as their fellow New Jerseyans No Parole, No Time, Bricklayer or Thug Boots will love!


With each track recorded live in a single take, DUSTERS first effort has those rough and authentic edges, making songs like “Livin’ In The Garden State”, “Psycho In The Scene” and “Derby Days” crude, but exciting at the same time. I reckon if these guys put a little more time into their recording, or at least have a thicker mix and / or mastering, they could deliver a fuckin’ banger of an EP or LP! For now this excellent demo will do... get dusted!