Eastern Bloc - Demo

Thrashzone Tapes


Is there a hardcore scene that is more incestuous than the Massachusetts scene? With the amount of bands sharing and / or borrowing members of each other I hardly think there is. The latest outburst coming out of the Boston area, featuring (ex-)members of 2X4, Bloodkrow Butcher, Dry Hump, Social Circkle and Savageheads (just to name a few…), is Eastern Bloc, who’s self-released demo is now unleashed in Europe through Thrashzone Tapes (Offside Records)!


But unlike their self-released cassette, Thrashzone Tapes’ version (released in an amount of 100 copies) features not five, but six outrageous songs due to the bonus track “Blind Lead The Blind”! Sounds like fun right? For anyone who likes his or her hardcore raw, vicious and punk as fuck it sure does! Shredding hardcore-punk tracks like “Inferno”, “Corruption”, “Rot In Heaven” and “Nightmares” tag each other off in an extremely fast pace and Christian Pedro’s, of Social Circkle-fame,  vocals are absolutely nailing it on this full-scale assault!


If you are into, well pretty much any of the aforementioned bands these guys have played, or still are playing in, you will definitely be into Eastern Bloc’s first demo as well. Furious songs that are meant to play live in a venue not bigger than your livingroom, with no stage, the sound too loud, with mayhem and disorder all over the place! Killer!