Empire Down – Gallows Of Winter

Primator Crew

Now to say that I was psyched to hear myself some new Empire Down is an understatement. 2018’s debut EP “Bastards For The Butcher”, as well as that split 7” with The Complicators were pure fire from start to finish already, but when I got those first previews of the new work in progress, I instantly knew the best was yet to come! And now, a year in the making and with a little delay, it’s finally here – Empire Down’s latest EP “Gallows Of Winter”!

But first things first, because that front cover artwork is absolutely mental! Ramon GD, also known for his vocal abilities in bands such as Bulldozer BCN and The Upset, really outdone himself with this drawing, delivering some of his sickest cover-art to date! Along with that old school, less is more, lay-out to it, Primator Crew’s 20th release looks nothing short of amazing!

Now since I already blabbed out that I knew the best was yet to come, it should come as no surprise that Empire Down really outdone themselves on this one as well! Releasing their best, most fierce work to date – front man Jon unleashes all his rage, fury and disgust on four new, apocalyptic anthems that rip and smash shit up! No room for breaks as Empire Down shreds through “Flames At Daybreak”, “No Rest, No Pity”, “We Are The Horde” and “Gallows Of Winter” at 45 revolutions per minute like there’s no tomorrow, simply because there might not be a tomorrow – love it!

Therefor “Gallows Of Winter” is an absolute must-have if you ask me. Not only is it Empire Down’s best work to date, but the vile and grim mix of Oi! and hardcore is also some of best that 2021 has to offer! And yes, I know it’s still early in the year when I write this (the 28th of January), but this will apply for those who read this review in the future as well no doubt about it! Get this, now!