Execütors – The New Decline E.P.

Mister Face Records


Despite that Jersey’s own Execütors have been going at it for several years already, one of their latest – “The New Decline E.P.” – is the first release I’ve actually heard by these guys. Obviously I haven’t been paying attention - therefor I only have myself to blame on this one, because this 45 rips from start to finish! A proper introduction indeed!


Released by the recently installed Mister Face Records – the four tracks on this black slab of wax were already recorded nearly a year ago, but previously only available digitally through the band’s Bandcamp page. Only whoever knows why, because this rowdy pack of lunatics deliver some utter savagery fans of both raucous punk and boisterous Oi! will love – I know I do!


Though there isn’t a single bad song on here, I highly prefer the tracks “Scum Son” and “Clip A Copper” – both delivering killer melodies, but sounding absolutely devastating nonetheless! Pressed at 45 RPM, “The New Decline E.P.” is made to be played fast, but above all – LOUD!


So get this record, throw it on your turntable, crank up the volume and clip a fuckin’ copper! On a side note, I would have loved a small lyric sheet to go with the release of this Execütors EP, but other than that this is an excellent first release on vinyl by Mister Face Records!