Facҫão Opposta / Asedio – Split EP

Combate Brutal


So far Combate Brutal’s releases have been pure savage! With no chance of the label slowing down, Combate Brutal is already at its fourth release. A massive one once again, with the beast of the south Facҫão Opposta and Catalonia’s latest stronghold Asedio joining forces for the label’s first split EP!


First up is Facҫão Opposta, yes! From 2010 to 2016 the Lisboans have been pretty consistent with at least one release per year, but after the CD-release of “Da Luz À Obscuridade” in 2016 (which was released on LP earlier this year through Combate Brutal) there was a two-year radio silence – until now obviously! Striking hard and brutal, one of Portugal’s finest deliver pure rampage once again with “Inveja” and “Rapazes Desta Nossa Europa”, two hard-hitting, tough as nails stompers with superb guitars, killer vocals and a colossal sound! Brutal as always!


On the flipside you’ll find one of Barcelona’s newer troops, Asedio. The band only debuted last year with a 12” mini-LP for Mendeku Diskak, but with both the release of their first full-length “…Y Rodarán Cabezas” (also on Mendeku Diskak, a review will follow soon) and this split EP at the same time, they’re an instant force to reckon with! With raspy vocals, killer riffs and a hard, rockin’ sound, Asedio is tough, yet catchy on “Hinterland” and “Dottore Della Peste”, both exclusive to this release! It’s definitely tough to make your appearance after a powerhouse such as Facҫão Opposta, but Asedio holds their ground nonetheless!


Just like Combate Brutal’s previous releases, the packaging of this split EP is stunning and limited to boot! With the signature inner sleeve, a shared lyric sheet and both bands having an individual front –and back sheet (with each their own artwork, hand numbering etc…), this EP is limited to just 200 copies. Divided over 100 black on white printed and 100 white on black printed ‘band sheets’, you know most (if not all) are already gone by the time you read this. But if you get lucky, don’t hesitate and get yourself a copy straight away!