Fatskins - Viva!

Crowd Control Media


Christmas is coming early this year! Wait a minute... that ain’t Santa, it’s a Fatskin in disguise! That’s right, the Fatskins’ brand new EP “Viva!” rolled off the presses earlier than expected and will be available by the end of this month (June, 2015)! Great news for all the ‘Fatskin Hooligans’ out there and my cue for another write-up on this classic AZOi! band!


Before pressing the play-button, the first thing that comes to mind is that “Viva!” is the first Fatskins release in nearly 17 years coming out on an American label again, Crowd Control Media in this case. It’s not like the Fatskins released a ridiculous amount of records in their existence, but still a fun fact you will remember from now on.


Another fun fact, although really my personal opinion, is that with “Viva!” the Fatskins delivered some of their best and most vicious work to date! With the battle cry of “Cr-ISIS” the tone is immediately set. How many refugees, deaths ‘by the sword’, mass graves and probably the most important one of them all, oil, will it take before we wipe these religious lunatics from the face of the earth? It’s all a vicious circle in the end, but it sure as hell makes an angry song and the lyric itself drops like a bomb!


The other two originals, “Never A Victim” and “Only Came Here To Fight”, are fueled by fighting spirit in pure Fatskins’ tradition, but a recorded cover is something we haven’t heard since the band’s reincarnation.Yet. Because on “Viva!” the Fatskins perform a golden The Templars oldie and it features mister Carl Fritscher himself. If you do a cover, you do it right and that is exactly what these Arizona brawlers did!


The EP comes in a run of 500 copies and includes some limited colors of vinyl like ‘Arizona Cardinal’ red, ‘Arizona Cardinal’ beak yellow and ‘Arizona Cardinal’ white (each color 100 copies), while the remaining 200 copies are on classic black vinyl. A great release, no matter what color(s) you choose! Viva la Fatskins!