Fatskins / Fear City - Split EP

Rebellion Records / Crowd Control Media


After the comeback of the Fatskins in 2013, this is already their third split EP since their return! Sharing evenly divided 7” records with The Butchers (2014) and Old Glory (2015) before, you will now find Chicago’s very own Fear City on the flipside, bring two of America’s Oi! heavyweights on vinyl for the very first time!


Obviously the Fatskins don’t need any further introduction, but I have to say that these guys are becoming better and deliver much more power to their songs since they hit the scene again with 2013’s “A Young Man’s Game”! Delivering their best work to date with their 2015 releases for Crowd Control Media, this Arizona cult-outfit is ripping it up at the moment and their brand new additions to this release are definitely no exception! Two power-packed, ultra-strong anthems the Fatskins can add to their set-list with “S.F.F.S.” and “War Of A Nation”! The latter one might just be my new favorite Fatskins track with its superb lyrics, thought out song structure and sick guitar riffs and solos!


Unfortunately Fear City’s discography isn’t as extensive yet as the Fatskins’ is. After 2007’s debut, the “Our Way Of Life” CD (coming out on vinyl this month, December 2015), this split 7” is their first release ever since, but this South Side powerhouse sure delivers! “Our Way Of Life” (despite having the same title, this track wasn’t on the aforementioned CD) is a mid-tempo, highly addictive sing-along, while “Class War” is a fast-paced, fists in the air, burst of anger that barely lasts two minutes and takes no prisoners!


Killer record on both ends!