Faul Techniczny – Wracamy Do Gry

Bad Look Records


Featuring ex-members of bands such as Not This Time, Swiniopas and Tester Gier, Faul Techniczny is a brand new outfit out of Silesia, Poland. These guys started jamming about a year ago (2017), but under the title “Wracamy Do Gry”, this angry Polish mob already released their debut CD earlier this year for Bad Look Records – time to check it out!


Now I didn’t really know what to expect of this release, but as soon as I popped the disc into my CD-player it became obvious with its 13 tracks played in an equal amount of minutes! That’s right, “Wracamy Do Gry” is over before you know it, and none of the seven guest vocalists can do anything about it!


Now my Polish became a bit rusty since I moved out of my old neighborhood, but it doesn’t seem that Faul Techniczny takes things too seriously with songs like “Zaraz Konczymy Koncert” (“We’re Finishing The Show Soon”, only lasting 16 seconds) and “Tylko Wrestling Jest Prawdziwy” (“Only Wrestling Is Real”). But despite the fact that I hardly understand any of the words, you can tell that “Wracamy Do Gry” is a fun (and fast) hardcore-punk album.


“Stara Szkola” (“Old School”) is my favorite on here, though the album as a whole isn’t completely my cup of tea – time to decide for yourself!