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F.A.V.L. – Prigioniero

Mohican Tunes Records (CD) / Clockwork Punk Records (cassette) / Steeltown Records & Oi! the Nische Records (LP)


After their debut full-length “Cemento E Follia”, Italy’s hardest Rock ‘n’ Oi! outfit F.A.V.L. literally released half a dozen of EP’s, split EP’s and singles the past six years. Given that “Cemente E Follia” was originally released in 2011, it was about time the Viterbo bootboys did a new release containing more than one, two or four new songs! And guess what? That is exactly what you’ll get with their brand new (mini-)album “Prigioniero”!


Containing seven new songs and a cover version of AC/DC’s “T.N.T.”, “Prigioniero” could definitely be considered as F.A.V.L.’s sophomore album. Especially with the two bonus tracks (“Tramontato Il Sole” off the “Skinhead Clockwork” four-way split and a live version of Motörhead’s “Ace Of Spades) on the CD-version of “Prigioniero”, the tracklist reaches a grand total of ten hard rockin’, tough as nails anthems the F.A.V.L. supporters have been waiting for!


With influences ranging from Rose Tattoo to Condemned 84 and from Nabat to Motörhead, the Italian skins and rockers delivered a well-balanced, hard-hitting album from start to finish! Through tracks like “Viterbo Rock ‘n’ Oi!”, “Amarcord”, title-track “Prigioniero”, “Etrusco” and “Scoppio”, F.A.V.L. boots out a killer mix of sheer power, rocking melodies and Alessandro’s aggressive vocals, which are displayed best when sung in the band’s native language. Fortunately most tracks are indeed in Italian, so no complaints on that department either!


Given that “Prigioniero” is F.A.V.L.’s first release in their most recent, new formation, it is safe to say that F.A.V.L. is currently performing in their strongest line-up to date, automatically delivering some of their most diverse, but best work to date! Rock and Oi!!

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