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F.A.V.L. – The Singles Collection

Mohican Tunes Records


I never bothered picking up F.A.V.L.’s “The Singles Collection”, simply because I actually own all of their singles and EP’s on vinyl. Okay, that’s a lie – I miss the “Audere Est Facere” split single with Facção Opposta, but one song doesn’t really justify purchasing a CD full of other tracks you already own. Right? Well…, thanks to Mohican Tunes Records’ generosity, I need to reconsider my opinion – because having all tracks on one little CD sure is handy!


But before you might misinterpret the above, F.A.V.L. rocks. F.A.V.L. rocks hard and when it comes down to the new generation of Italian Oi! bands, this band is definitely on top of the game. Okay? Okay. So with that being said, “The Singles Collection” holds a total of thirteen tracks and contains all five split singles, split EP’s and EP’s the band released until the year this CD was released, 2015. Hell, it even contains a song that didn’t appear on vinyl until this year (2017) on the four-way “Out Of Order” split released by East End Records. So make that six slabs of 7” wax!


As said, this collection is handy, even though it doesn’t contain anything new or unreleased – at least, not anymore. But also if you never heard of these guys before (then you probably haven’t been reading my page neither), this collection of singles is an excellent and relatively cheap way (especially now, two years later) to ‘discover’ these hard rockin’ Italians. Because if you don’t know these guys, I highly recommend that you get your shit together and do your homework.


“The Singles Collection” comes in a digipack, which holds an eight-page booklet, including pictures, lyrics and release information of the collected singles.

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