Fléau – S/T EP

Pressure / Contra Records / Red Scare Industries


And then there’s – pretty much out of nowhere – Fléau, a brand new outfit with four barbaric French lads in its ranks who have nothing but death and destruction on their mind! Proof is the band’s recently released, self-titled debut EP that turned out to be one massive slab of vile and ruthless noise – just the way I like it!


Unleashed by Pressure, Contra Records and Red Scare Industries, each label sells its own color of vinyl – respectively silver, transparent green and transparent red – and each version is limited to 200 copies. Now sure, 600 copies total sounds like a lot – and it obviously is, especially for the first press of a debut release – but believe me when I say that you better want to be safe than sorry on this one!


Because Fléau isn’t ‘just’ good, Fléau is fairly brilliant! The band’s killer wall of sound is as brute and primitive as Oi! can get and it rips! Smashing shit up with that heavy, tough as nails noise, these French savages deliver one glorious, hard-hitting anthem after another – making this an explosive debut that will end up high on my favorites of 2021 list for sure, no doubt about it! With “Gloire Éternelle”, “Affliction”, “Expédition Punitive” and “Souffrance” there’s not a single dull moment to find on this 45 and you will undoubtedly agree if you like your Oi! French, barbarous and extremely powerful – mark my words!


So go out (or more likely go online) and secure yourself a copy of these unidentified, masked crusaders today – you won’t regret it! This is going to be big...