Fool’s Errand – Eastside Anthology

We Don’t Keep Records


Over the past two years Las Vegas’ own one man army Fool’s Errand released some great, yet extremely limited (lathé cut) EP’s through its own We Don’t Keep Records. So if you don’t keep up with Bandcamp (while you should), chances are you never heard a single chord by the man behind Fool’s Errand – Pete, and that is a shame. Because as I already wrote, his previously released EP’s are great, but debut full-length “Eastside Anthology” is undoubtedly his best work to date!


Once again released through We Don’t Keep Records, the first – and for now only – pressing of “Eastside Anthology” is strictly limited to a 100 copies and comes on ‘eco-mix’ vinyl. ‘Eco-mix’ vinyl is vinyl pressed out of leftover pellets of other (colored) vinyl runs mixed together (instead of being thrown away) and creates a unique and random color of vinyl. So basically every single record will come out differently – essentially making you the owner of a one of a kind record, or as the saying goes – one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Cool shit indeed!


But in the end it’s obviously the music pressed on the vinyl that counts – and Fool’s Errand sound is anything but recycled! Including instrumental opener “Fools March In”, “Eastside Anthology” includes a total of eleven blistering tracks that will instantly grab you by the throat, and gives you a punch or two in the face while it’s at it! Mean, street-smart and rowdy, every scorcher on here follows each other up in a rapid pace! Ranging from fast-paced American streetpunk assaults to boisterous sing-alongs, but also a semi-instrumental dub-track, you’ll find it all in here and it absolutely rips it up from start to finish!


Now despite that Fool’s Errand is a solo-project, Pete did receive some help from friends who are in The Lower Class Brats, The Loud Pipes and Unfair Fight – just to name a few. But still responsible for most of it all, Pete delivered a fierce and fairly brilliant debut LP with “Eastside Anthology” that should be picked up by a lot more than just a 100 people… Just make sure you are one of them though!