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Fool’s Errand – Machete Sessions

We Don’t Keep Records


If there’s one band – or one-man project in this case – out there that releases extremely limited records it must be Fool’s Errand! Because where last year’s full-length debut “Eastside Anthology” had a ridiculously large press of 100 copies total, the band’s EP’s usually have to do with 50 copies or less! A number that also applies to the band’s latest – and provisionally last – EP - “Machete Sessions”!


Another thing this little slab of wax has in common with its physically released predecessors, such as its self-titled debut EP, “The Three Of Swords” and “Another Round Of Disappointments By...”, is that it kicks a whole lot of ass! Fool’s Errand one (and only) mastermind Pete can do whatever he wants and likes and time after time this resulted in a fresh, vibrant and extremely catchy Oi! record and of course this little slab of wax is no exception!


Therefor it’s a shame that “Machete Sessions” will be the man’s last EP – for now at least – because “Gatekeeper”, “Don’t Bring Your Guns” (wait a minute, is that an organ and a saxophone in one song?! - nice!), “It’s Happening Again” and “Black Sheep Elite (G.T.F.O.)” most definitely taste like more. And with more I mean limited, physical releases like these – because releases like these will beat a stream or download any time of the day!


So hurry up, because there’s only a small amount of these records left. Hell, they might even be gone already because you actually took the time to read this review all the way to the end! Either way, try your luck at Fool’s Errand Bandcamp page HERE, you won’t be disappointed!

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