For The Glory – Now And Forever

Zerowork Records


Originally released by Rastilho Records in 2017, For The Glory’s latest album “Now And Forever” was only released on CD... – until now that is! Because right after the reissue of Albert Fish’s debut abum “Strongly Recommended”, Zerowork Records continues to deliver more Portuguese gems for the first time ever on vinyl, and this time around it’s For The Glory’s turn!


Now this release shows quite some simularities with the aforementioned Albert Fish release, most notable: the records are both issued on vinyl for the very first time, both have a limited pressing of 200 copies total, all music is pressed on a single side of the 12” record, the form of the sleeve is the same… do I need to go on? Of course this could be a complete coincidence, but it could also be the start of a series of long lost, Portuguese full-lengths that never got released on vinyl. Now I’ll let Zerowork Records decide for themselves how they want to fill this in, but whatever their choice is – these limited records look awesome nonetheless!


With that being said, “Now And Forever” sounds awesome as well. I was a bit worried, because why don’t you press half of the songs on the B-side and let it rip at 45 RPM(?), but as soon as the needle dropped on the black vinyl and the first heavy bass tones of the album’s intro cranked out of my speakers I knew I had nothing to worry about – because this totally rips from start to finish! Busting out a savage mix of Terror and DMS stomp, this Lisbon pack tears it up for ten songs straight, always leaving you hungry for more!


Therefor it’s no surprise that the pressing of 200 copies is nearly sold out already. So if you want to secure a copy – you better act fast because now the “Now And Forever” vinyl is here, but it could be gone forever before you know it! Killer LP!