Forca - S/T 12"

The Firm Records / Tough Ain’t Enough / Clockwork Punk / Can I Say Records / Mob Clash Records


Now I received a ton of records in my lifetime, but besides some bumped corners and seam splits, I never received a record that was soaking wet – until now that is! Because despite that Forca’s self-titled debut 12” was sent from Portugal, it looked like it came by ship, got tossed overboard, was dived up and delivered with no shame what so ever after all, in spite of the state that the package was in. Every record has it’s own story right? Right.


But besides the damaged sleeve the record plays fine, so let’s get down to business! Because Forca – featuring members of Asas da Vingança, KontraAttack, Doc 21 and Razor Kids – means business, delivering four scorching streetrock tracks that were previously only available on cassette (or Bandcamp)! So it’s correct that Forca doesn’t deliver any new tracks (just yet), but these songs ‘deserved’ to be released on vinyl nonetheless!


Because no matter if a releases comes out on tape or digitally, nothing feels better than seeing a big slab of wax on your turntable, spinning around and fuming out tunes like “Nova Praga”, “Odiados & Orgulhosos”, “Valhalla” and “Transvessais”! True, “Nova Praga” already came out on vinyl through the superb “Portugal Oi!” compilation – but now you get the full package of crude stompers on one 12” and I love it!


And so will you, so don’t hesitate to score a copy today! Because with just 300 copies pressed (divided over five different labels), these can be gone anytime soon and will probably not be repressed again!