Forca / The Sentinels – United As One



After two reissues of Youth Defense League’s classic demo-cassettes “Skins For Skins” and “Blue Pride” (though the latter was re-titled to “Skinheads ‘88”), it’s somewhat surprising to see that Russian label Skinhead-Core is releasing new music as well. Not that I mind though, because with Forca and The Sentinels we instantly get some killer new music in our tape-deck as well! Time for a closer look and listen!


With that being said, Washington DC’s The Sentinels do indeed deliver some killer tunes, but since all four tracks are taken off the band’s 2017 debut CD “Minority Report” (Lost Apparitions Records) we – unfortunately – can’t speak of anything new. Still, “Nova Minora”, “Social Insecurity”, “Brotherhood” and “Jaws Of Life” deliver a proper introduction to this hardcore influenced Oi! band, though their next release should definitely be on vinyl!


Up next is Forca, a brand new Portuguese outfit that consists out of members of Asas Da Vingança, Doc 21, Kontrattack, Razor Kids and more. The lads debut on this split tape with four savage tunes, namely “Nova Praga”, “Odiados & Orgulhosos”, “Valhalla” and “Transvessais”, that instantly taste like more. The heavy sound is raw, brute and tough as nails, while the guitars produce plenty of catchy riffs and melodic solos to turn about every single track into a massive anthem – love it! And not that I like tapes (I love those as well), but these tracks should definitely be released on at least 7” vinyl as well! Thank you.


Oh, and let that cover be drawn by Andy Fletcher as well please. He always delivers the goods, just as he did for the cover artwork for this cassette! Now if this cassette ever gets a second run, buy it.