Force Majeure – Promo 2018

HoM Records


Earlier this year Canada’s own Force Majeure already released a killer demo, or cassette-EP as you might, for LSC Records. LSC Records is now HoM Records, but Force Majeure is still Force Majeure, who are on the verge of yet another killer release!


The release in question is a split LP with their brothers of the King Cans and to be honest, I can’t wait to get my hands on this slab of wax – especially after hearing this recently released promotional cassette! Because despite that these lads are from the cold, cold North, the band’s music is on fire!


Providing two new tracks from the upcoming split, namely “362” and “Petit Bourgeois”, this release also includes a Warrior Kids cover – “Marseille Tombe”. Renamed to “Montréal Tombe”, Karl and co. deliver an excellent version of this classic. No surprise of course, because this isn’t the first time that the Force Majeure vocalist pulls a Warrior Kids cover out of his sleeve.


A must for those who like their music clean, aggro and French! But do note that only 50 physical copies were made. Now get that split LP out already! Thank you...