Force Majeure – Encore Debout

Primator Crew / Double Turn Records

Only a year after their superb split LP with King Cans, Montreal hard-hitters Force Majeure are back! Once again in a new line-up, it’s now Martin of The Prowlers and Ultra Razzia who joined forces – making sure that the band, for the first time ever as a trio, releases their best work to date: the “Encore Debout” EP for Primator Crew and Double Turn Records!

Driving force behind Force Majeure is still Karl, also known for his work with Hard Pressed, On The Ropes, City Ground, Wax, Lingua Franca and last, though certainly not least, Last Crusade - just to name a few. Now a good portion of these bands all thrive on the same, specific sound – either sung in English or as of more recently in French with Lingua Franca and of course Force Majeure.

Now the sound – raw, clean Oi! – has been massive since 2014 when I discovered Last Crusade’s first demo, but it became even better with every release – delivering favorite after favorite release year in year out, especially in French! Therefor it’s no surprise, at least to me, that “Encore Debout” instantly turned into one of my favorite releases of 2020 with ridiculously good tracks as “L’Appat Du Gain”, “Encore Debout”, “Les Vraies Affaires” and “Noirceur”. A must-have indeed.

Fans of classic French bands such as Camera Silens, Warrior Kids, Reich Orgasm and of course NYC’s own The Templars take note – if you haven’t already, because you most definitely need to own a copy of this killer EP!