Fortunate Son - Born Free

Digital only


Fortunate Son is a brand new, one man army hailing out of Morgan Hill, California. Featuring the one, and therefor only Mitch Venosta taking care of all its business, Fortunate Son recently finalized its solo recordings and the result is now available through his Bandcamp page in the form of the “Born Free” EP!


Armed with a wide range of influences, Fortunate Son kicks out six great rowdy rock ‘n’ roll anthems from start to finish! Ranging from punk and Oi! to outlaw country, Mitch’s project sounds like a raucous mix between a non-guyliner-wearing Social Distortion, The Bruisers in their “Cruisin’ For A Bruisin’”-era and a crazed country rebel like Hank Williams numero III himself. With hints of The Brassknuckle Boys, Hudson Falcons and Street Dogs on the side, “Born Free” delivers the right amount of street and working class attitude to its song, making it a soundtrack evenly suitable for long drives on the road to endless nights at the bar.


Fans of the aforementioned bands, or newer outfits such as Iron Chin or The Old Breed should take notice of Fortunate Son. The raw and gruff vocals in combination with the powerful guitar riffs and gunslinging-solos, make the tracks “Born Free”, “My Living Cell”, “The Stand Up Kind”, “Runaway Heart”, “Go It Alone” and “Rowdy Rock ‘n’ Roll” definitely worth your while! Check it out yourself at:!