Freedom - Never Had A Choice

Triple-B Records


Yeah I know the name of this site is American Oi and not American Hardcore, but I also know a lot of you guys who read this stuff enjoy their NYHC. So when there’s a record out that sounds like a blueprint for 90’s NYHC, I gotta review it.


Even though I already loved their “Pay the Price” 7” and “USA Hardcore” LP, this newest 7” blew me away like Irma. This sounded so much like someone put Madball, Breakdown and Killing Time in a blender, that I was checking the credits over and over again to see if it was co-written by Matt Henderson or Mike Dijan. I can make this review longer by talking about the songs etc, but if you are into earlier named bands, any other words than “go buy this records now” are just waste of time.


Review by: Noot