Fuerza Bruta – Somos El Mal

Warthog Speak Records


Ask anyone what their favorite record of 2017 was and… well, you’ll probably get a whole lot of different answers and horrible suggestions, but I am sure “Verdugo” will pop up as well. Man, “Verdugo”. “Verdugo” blew me away. A powerful and superb record from start to finish that everyone - at least those who read this bullshit – should own. Therefor it’s no surprise that the 12” got pressed, re-pressed and recently even got re-re-pressed by Rebellion Records - all in a year’s worth of time! Luckily the band in question – Fuerza Bruta, in case you were wondering – doesn’t just kick back and relax, waiting on another pressing, but they’re also on the verge of releasing a brand new EP - “Somos El Mal” for Warthog Speak Records!


Well new, some lucky bastards – myself included - already scored ¾ of the songs on “Somos El Mal” earlier this year on the special, extremely limited (50 copies), lathe cut 7” released by Foreign Legion Records. I didn’t review it back then because 1.) I am not taking any chances on listening to a lathe cut record too many times and 2.) a regular release was announced at the same time. Now that regular release is around the corner, obviously pressed on vinyl (the real deal), and includes all new killer artwork and an additional fourth track – “Feos Por Naturaleza”!


First things first though, because a four-track EP doesn’t start with the fourth track – now does it? Indeed, it doesn’t. In Fuerza Bruta’s case it kicks off with “Xibalba”, a haunting intro full of synths and terrifying soundscapes that wouldn’t be misplaced on a black metal album! Shortly after it breaks into “Cabeza Podrida”, an explosive, hard-hitting anthem that will stomp all of the bleach out of your battalion in just over two minutes – you got to love it! Same can be said about title-track “Somos El Mal”. The first 20 seconds or so remind me a bit of The Pride’s “The Wonderful World Of Oi!”, but despite “Somos El Mal” being both ‘wonderful’ and ‘Oi!’ – it doesn’t sound anything like the Belgian anthem. It does sound like Fuerza Bruta though. Full of power, sick riffs and massive chants, this scorcher will turn venues into warzones when played live - oomph! Last, though certainly not least, is the aforementioned “Feos Por Naturaleza”. Doubling down on the power, riffs and chants, this previously unreleased sledgehammer will turn those venues into Arma-fuckin’-geddon before it ends in a loop of noise. Brutal and most likely my new favorite track by the Fear City skins.


Conclusion? This will also be one of your favorite releases of 2018! Now go get it, whenever it comes out…