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Fuerza Bruta – Verdugo

Foreign Legion Records / Under Watchful Eyes


What’s the point of reviewing a record that completely sold out in its pre-order phase? There isn’t! But listen, “Verdugo” is the best fuckin’ record of 2017, so to keep it short – believe the hype! If you don’t... well, that is your own fuckin’ loss. This stomper produces anthem after anthem, each and every one of them sounding incredibly powerful, energetic, wild, raucous and especially the guitar-sound is off... the... fuckin’... wall! Holy shit. Don't believe me? Than just check these guys out through the link below and hear for yourself! One word of advice though, if you can get a hold of a copy after all– do not fuckin' hesitate any longer! Oomph!!!

Foreign Legion Records cover

Under Watchful Eyes cover

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