Generacion Suicida – Edicion Especial Para Latinoamerica

Going Underground Records


I always keep my eyes and ears open for new music, but even I miss out on good tunes every once in a while, discovering a band several years after its formation and its first releases. Something I had with the Swedish power pop / punk formation Masshysteri several years ago and now with Generacion Suicida, who already formed back in 2011 but it wasn’t until more recently I heard their debut LP “Con La Muerte A Tu Lado” for the first time.


Just like Masshysteri and its preceding outfit The Vicious, I was instantly hooked to Generacion Suicida when I finally heard them and couldn’t listen to anything else but these Spanish punks for days! But what on earth does this band from Los Angeles have in common with these Swedes? Well, apart from the language, the sound is almost identical! From the fast-paced clean guitars and the whirlwind of energy  to the female back-up vocals, it all seems highly influenced by the Umeå punks. Therefor I think they even borrowed their name of The Vicious’ “Suicidal Generation” track.


Is this a bad thing? Hell no! I fucking loved those bands and I played the absolute shit out of all their records, a destiny I foresee for Generacion Suicida’s vinyl and cassettes as well! Especially after hearing their two latest tracks, “Criminal” and “No Quiero Nada”, released on a wobbly flexi-disc by Going Underground Records for their recent South American tour! Both tracks are a taste of things to come and taken from their upcoming third LP I am absolutely psyched about to hear! The sound evolved a bit, especially on “Criminal” with its post-punk Manchester guitar sound, but overall the super-intensive, ‘Killed By Death’ sound is still there and just keeps getting better with every release they seem to put out!


All in all not the usual review I write, perhaps it’s more of an introduction so I have all the above off my chest when I get to review the upcoming album, but still… Excellent Spanish punk from LA you need to check out!