Giuda - Speaks Evil

Burning Heart Records


Due to an unfortunate production error in the vinyl factory I still await my pre-order of the new Giuda album “Speaks Evil”... Tired of waiting, I decided to get the music another way around, so I could at least hear what I have bought (something the label should have offered legally to those still in the ‘waiting room’). Therefor better late than never, the review of Italy’s most glamorous punks’ third full-length album!


Being a Giuda fan ever since I’ve heard their terrace anthem “Number 10” for the first time, these Romans never disappointed! I have witnessed some great live shows by these guys and their previous albums, including the accompanying singles, “Racey Roller” and “Let’s Do It Again” were simply superb in my book. Despite being a bit smoother than their previous efforts, Giuda’s third time appears to be a charm as well!


Just like the aforementioned records, “Speaks Evil” contains another ten anthems by Roma’s Junkshop Brigade! With some hard rockin’ and even some heavier rollin’, this quintet are bound to, once again, electrify dance floors all over the world with their killer mix of 70’s hardrock, bovvered glam and their punk rock background! Although the punk rock influences seem to be pushed back more than ever before, the buzzing guitars providing excellent riffs and great solos, absolutely make up for it! Along with the inevitable, but highly contagious, hand claps and the great use of vocals between front man Damas and guitarist Lorenzo, “Speaks Evil” turned out into yet another rock ‘n’ roll scorcher by these Italian top boys!


So luckily enough the sound washes away the somewhat bittersweet taste of the delay in the vinyl, but I sure hope this orange slab of wax can be found on my turntable sooner than later!