Golpe De Gracia / Blessure – Split EP

Tough Ain’t Enough / Discos Enfermos / DDT / Siete Picos Records


Recently I received a couple of new releases by Tough Ain’t Enough Records, including this split EP between Madrid’s Golpe De Gracia and Basque-newcomers Blessure. A fine split I must say, that was already released in April – together with Discos Enfermos, DDT and Siete Picos Records, needless to say that it’s high time for a little review!


First up are the Madrilenians of Golpe De Gracia, who certainly are no strangers to this page. I previously reviewed the band’s demo (2018) and self-titled debut EP (2019) already, and where that debut EP topped their demo, the two tracks on this split EP top it all! Undoubtedly delivering their best work to date, these rousers from Madrid unleash both a raw, fast-paced stomper in the form of opener “Antorchas En El Paraiso”, while their second contribution - “Medekua” - is a vile, mid-tempo scorcher with a tremendous amount of melodic catchiness – sick!


But don’t forget the flipside, because debutantes Blessure deliver two killer tracks as well! Being from Bilbao, it surprises me that the band sings in French – a nice surprise that is, especially since they’re delivered with killer vocals by front-woman Zaida! Musically Blessure bursts out dark, melancholic melodies with sheer power (“Ça Suffit”) and catchy, sing-along mayhem (“La Réponse”) mixing that French sound of both past and present into a massive debut that deserved to be much longer than just these two tracks!


Now in my introduction I already mentioned this release is ‘fine’, but that’s an understatement – to say the least. Golpe De Gracia just keep on ripping it up, while Blessure is the surprise of the day that I hope to hear much, much more from! Highly recommended!