Golpe De Gracia – Demo

San Nikasio Records / Siete Picos Records


Out of Madrid, Spain hails Golpe De Gracia - an all-new Oi!/punk band who just released their first demo-cassette through San Nikasio Records and Siete Picos Records! No tape-deck? No worries! Because you can also pay what you want for it on Bandcamp, where this seven-tracker already has been available on since last April!


 But let’s talk about the cassette first, because it wasn’t sent to me to be completely ignored – obviously. Professionally duplicated and printed, the cassette is also accompanied by an eight-panel booklet containing artwork, photos and all lyrics, looking very nice. Along with the total amount of songs, you could easily mistake this release for a mini-LP, despite being only released on cassette.


The music, raw and fast with snotty lead-vocals, rowdy back-ups and scorching guitars, is indeed rough around the edges, but sounding great nonetheless! Especially side-B with “Viejos Barrios”, “Saturrarán” and “Miedo” is pure fire! Topped off with the bonus-track “Zipaioak” (originally by Puñetazo), I could easily rewind the B-side over and over again. Good stuff!


Give these guys a shot, and check out their Bandcamp page today!