Golpe De Gracia – S/T EP

Tough Ain’t Enough / Torture Chamber Records / Punk Machine / Siete Picos Records


Last year Golpe De Gracia debuted with a solid, professionally duplicated demo-cassette for San Nikasio Records and Siete Picos Records. Eight tracks rich, it could have easily been released on vinyl as well, but both demo and band remained vinylless... until now that is!


Because with the release of Golpe De Gracia’s self-titled EP for Tough Ain’t Enough, Torture Chamber, Punk Machine and Siete Picos, the Madrilenians have their first slab of wax under their belts after all, featuring a grand total of five new tracks!


Despite all new, the songs – “Cementerio Interior”, “Ecos Del Lamento”, “Hiena”, “El Angel Exterminador De Los Batzokis” and “3 Segundos” – pretty much follow the same recipe as the songs on this EP’s predecessor. Raw, loud and energetic Oi! influenced punk (or is it punk influenced Oi!?) – just the way I like it!


Limited to 300 copies, all of them come on black vinyl and a lyric sheet is included. Good, authentic noise from Madrid, Spain – check it out!