Golpe De Gracia – Ustela

Tough Ain’t Enough / Tambores De Guerra / Punk Machine


After a demo, EP and split 7” it’s finally time for Golpe De Gracia’s debut LP! Released by Tough Ain’t Enough, Tambores De Guerra and Punk Machine, the Madrilenians deliver an absolute ripper in the form of “Ustela”, a no holds barred punk attack from start to finish!


Cracking out of your speakers at 45 revolutions per minute, Golpe De Gracia’s first full-length is relatively short and generally fast, but a jaw breaking banger through and through! With nine tracks and a playtime of – give or take – 18 minutes total, you know the pedal is going to the metal for most of the time and that is exactly what I have loved about this band ever since I first heard their demo!


Especially the A-side with tracks like “Estrategia Suicida”, “La Nueva Amenaza” and “Bekain Ilnuk” rages on! And while the B-side has some room to slow things down with crude stompers like “Con Derecho A Morir” and “4 A.M.”, you know that Golpe De Gracia’s sound is vile, crude and violent, no matter what the pace is! Though in the end I love it all the same!


So if you were into the band’s previous releases you will most definitely dig this LP! Not only does the band sound stronger and more fed up than ever before, it looks great as well! Aside of the brute looking sleeve, the record also includes a fold-out insert on A3 format that you can use as either a poster or lyric sheet! 500 copies made.