Grebol - För Sverige Ur Tiden



With its formation in early 2015, it’s fair to say that Grebol is still a young and rather new band. Emerging out of Stockholm (Sweden), Scandinavia’s latest skinhead outfit recently self-released their first three-track promo CD “För Sverige Ur Tiden” to gain them some attention, something they definitely gained in my case!


Fully in Swedish, the songs on “För Sverige Ur Tiden” have an extremely fast pace and a leading role for the bass in its production. Intended or not, along with the clean Templars-like guitars, it gives Grebol’s own two songs, the title-track “För Sverige Ur Tiden” and “Våra År” a full and melodic, but at the same time a heavy, sound that shows some strong resemblances with their fellow countrymen Contemptuous.


So no surprise that Grebol have a take on Contemptuous “Borders” for the third and final track. Originally in English, Grebol perform this song in their native tongue and with the addition of an organ, the change of language isn’t the only twist they give to this cover! Although I am a sucker for organs, my favorite is without a doubt “Våra År”, a powerful anthem that delivers some mean dual vocals, a great chorus and a great riff during the sing-along!


“För Sverige Ur Tiden” is pressed on a professional manufactured CD and comes with a four page booklet that contains some photo’s, all lyrics and nice cover art, so along with the three great tunes on there, these guys are serious about promoting their music! Now someone should step up and get this out on a slab of wax!