Grebol - Fyrtio Års Slit

Pretty Shitty Town Records


Last year I received Grebol’s self-produced promotional CD “För Sverige Ur Tiden” and finished my review at the time with the words that someone should step up and release it on vinyl. Sometimes you get what you wish for, because Pretty Shitty Town Records stepped up and released a beautiful 12” version of it, entitled “Fyrtio Års Slit”!


Of course it’s all about the music, but the packaging, and in particular the vinyl, immediately stands out. Pressed on a single sided 12”, the B-side contains the artwork of the album cover etched into it! Given that the color of vinyl is absolutely random (though most records turned out purple-ish I believe), you really feel like have a unique release in your hands. Not bad for a first ‘official’ release!


Now as said, it’s all about the music, and finishing my original review with the earlier mentioned words it is pretty obvious that I am enthusiastic about Grebol’s sound. But in addition to the three original tracks from “För Sverige Ur Tiden”, “Fyrtio Års Slit” contains two more tracks, making it a total of five tracks spinning around at 45RPM! The new ones, opener “Inget Liv” and title-track “Fyrtio Års Slit” sound equally great compared to the earlier released songs, while these three tracks sound even better on vinyl. Simply because vinyl is superior.


So if you missed out on the promotional CD from last year (though I am not sure if it was actually for sale to begin with), now is your change to pick these up after all. If you’re a fan of Swedish Oi!, the lads from Grebol won’t disappoint you!