Greve - Allo Specchio



Out of Rome, Italy comes Greve - a brand new band who just released their debut EP “Allo Specchio” through Hellnation! Are you ready for some fast, angry and all-Italian hardcore-punk? Then this little black slab of wax might just be your cup of tea!


With a total of six songs, all of Greve’s tracks clock in at somewhere between 56 and 88 seconds. So not is the band’s first record - which was recorded well over a year ago in November 2018 - only fast and angry, it’s also extremely short and full of fire. Just as you would expect from a hardcore-punk band!


Despite this, opener “Realtà” kicks off in a mid-tempo pace with melody, before the shit really hits the fan with “Nei Tuoi Occhi” and pretty much every other track that follows! Full blown chaos executed rapidly and over before you know it - something you can leave up to the (ex-)members of Anti You and Manimal who are in Greve’s ranks!


Short releases usually wind up in short reviews for me, and “Allo Specchio” is no exception. But if you are into Italian hardcore like Negazione, Wretched or Greve’s aforementioned predecessors, then you might want to check “Allo Specchio” out!