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Harrington Saints – Live From Berlin

Try And Stop Me Records / LSM Vinyl / Rob-A-Bank Records


I miss places like the Wild At Heart, I miss cities like Berlin and I miss bands like Harrington Saints… Now hopefully I’ll be able to visit the first two sooner than later again, but I can rule out seeing the Harrington Saints live ever again as the band called it a day after 15 years of blood, sweat and Oi! Luckily a show the band played on the 29th of September 2017 was recorded live and is now released on vinyl, thanks to Try And Stop Me Records, LSM Vinyl and Rob-A-Bank Records!


Of course the title of this release partially gives it away, but after reading the above it must be obvious that “Live From Berlin” was recorded at the Wild At Heart, where the Harrington Saints played a scorching set with the support from The Roadside Bombs and High Society on the aforementioned date! Now I don’t know if the whole set made the cut to vinyl, but the fourteen tracks that did make it sound killer through and through!


Cranking out one favorite after another, the Harrington Saints sure know how to put on a show and get the crowd going with tracks like “Put Your Boots Back On”, “Sounds Of The Street”, “Red State”, “Side By Side”, “Factories”, “Upright Citizen”, “Pub Song” and “Revolution”! Like a well-oiled machine the Californian Saints rouse through their set and even better, the sound quality of this live album is top notch as well! Something I unnecessarily feared as this release was presented as a release for the die-hard Harrington Saints fan…


On the other hand, “Live From Berlin” can also be seen as a solid introduction to Harrington Saints – though with just 300 copies pressed (all on black vinyl) and a printed inner sleeve with a big photo collage on one side and extensive liner notes on the other side this release will most likely end up on the turntables of die-hard Harrington Saints fans. Thank you for the 1,000 pounds of Oi!, guys!

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