Hawkins Thugs - Working Class Lager Lads

Contra Records


After their killer debut EP “My Own Path”, Basque Hawkins Thugs are back with yet another scorcher! “Working Class Lager Lads” is the title of the Thugs’ second 7” and they are truly killing it on their sophomore record!


With four stunning new tracks the last boot boys in town deliver a brute force to be reckoned with! Yeah there is a little accent in the English sung lyrics, but the power that the Hawkins Thugs push through their sound is simply amazing. Hard rockin’ tunes in the vein of The Clichés, The Janitors, The Beltones and The Templars that are bound to make the kids go all skrewed up on the dancefloor!


With a fast pace, great riffs, roaring solo’s and a bit of those snotty ’77 vocals, you’ll yourself kicking out the jams “Lager Lads”, “Best Memory”, “Respect For My Soul” and “Never Believe” over and over again! My favorite is without a doubt the latter one, with its anthemic riff, banging solo and powerful chorus the Hawkins Thugs burst out some smashing streetrock ‘n’ roll that you don’t want to miss out on!


As a bonus you will find The Press’ “21 Guitar Salute” in your folder if you use the download card that is added to the EP which is nice, but nothing compared to Hawkins Thugs’ original tracks! A must for anyone who is into the aforementioned bands!