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Haymaker – We Are Haymaker

Randale Records


Discharger is no more, but out of its ashes it left us two new bands. The Reapers, still operating out of The Netherlands (like Discharger was), but release-less until this day and Haymaker. Haymaker already debuted with its mini-album “We Are Haymaker” (MCD and 10”) earlier this year through Randale Records, operates out of Prague (Czech Republic) and is fronted by Tim Steinfort who, luckily enough, brought his charismatic voice along with him!


Because of that though, Haymaker obviously sounds almost, no – exactly the same as Discharger. With “Desecrated Ground” and “Until We Die”, Discharger’s last two efforts that sounded absolutely mental, this is not a bad thing (at all) though, but keep that in mind when you lived under a fuckin’ rock and still need to check these guys out. You might have disliked Discharger to begin with.


Anyway, Haymaker’s debut counts a total of six tracks. Five originals and one cover, the anthem “What I Am” by Luxembourg’s most hated: The Skinflicks – you can’t go wrong with that! But Haymaker holds their own as well, songs like “Skinhead” (as cliché as it is) and “Hold On To Your Dreams” are solid as a rock, though my favorite is “First To Die” with its clean guitars, Tim’s raspy vocals and excellent chorus.


All in all this is a pretty solid debut and if you liked Discharger this is obviously a no-brainer. Can’t wait to hear what these guys come up with next – We are Haymaker, who the fuck are you!?

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