Himnos – Le Pendu

Amor Y Rabia Records


Time to introduce you to Amor Y Rabia Records, a brand new – French – label that plans on releasing Oi! Oi! music from countries close to the Equator such as Ecuador, Columbia and in this review’s case – Mexico! That’s right, the first release I can review of this label – though the EP’s catalog number is actually AYR2 – is of Himnos’ 7” “Le Pendu” EP, a record I’ve been anticipating to receive since I first heard its recordings!


And that’s been a while. I checked back myself, but I first posted about Himnos in November 2019 (on the Facebook page of this website), while the “Le Pendu” EP itself was already released a month prior to that post. Digitally of course, but nonetheless unleashed and available for everyone to hear through the band’s Bandcamp page.


Now if you streamed, or perhaps downloaded, “Le Pendu” - you already knew that it couldn’t take long for this four-track EP to be released on vinyl. Both Himnos’ music and Muerta Roja’s artwork screamed to be released physically and although I perhaps expected its release faster – its finally here, thanks to Amor Y Rabia Records, and well worth picking up! The music is class, the refrains are stuffed with massive sing-alongs and the artwork – though slightly darker on a white background – looks superb!


So if you have some money left to burn before Christmas – and you fancy yourself some killer exotic Oi! - make sure to check out bohh Amor Y Rabia Records and Himnos! With each record limited to 300 copies each, these won’t last forever. So do yourself a favor and laugh now – or cry later! Love it!