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Hooligan – Teenage Rebel

Reekus Records


Dublin’s punk rockers and hell raisers Hooligan have been going at it since 2009, releasing several EP’s of which the last two, “No Blacks No Irish No Dogs” and “Criminal Damage”, were picked up by America’s Oi! The Boat Records. For their latest EP “Teenage Rebel” they are keeping it a little closer to home though, as it was just released by the long-running Irish label Reekus Records – who happen to hold headquarters in Dublin as well.


The CD kicks off with The Outcasts’ cover “(Justa Nother) Teenage Rebel”, which was originally released by this Irish cult band back in 1978. Featuring a guest appearance by Christy Dignam, vocalist of Irish rock-group Aslan, Hooligan’s take on this classic takes you straight back to the late 70’s and they are kickin’ ass with it! Dignam’s voice is really something and gives a great Buzzcocks and The Undertones feel to it with his clean, melodic vocals. Justa nother excellent ’77 punk song!


After the title track Christy Dignam left the building, and the trio are back on their own again, but as always they are perfectly holding their ground. One of the two new songs, “Generation On Fire”, is up next and musically they are keeping that ’77 sound, although this rocker wouldn’t have been out of place on any Red Alert record! “Calling Joe Strummer” is a familiar one, at least if you own the aforementioned “No Blacks No Irish No Dogs”, but “Gang War” is another new one and it’s a cracker! It’s a little rougher compared to the other material on this CD – a little shorter as well – making it a raucous streetpunk anthem with a good old sing-along chorus and raw, raspy vocals by guitarist / vocalist David. Great stuff!


I also like how the artwork looks like an old 7” sleeve and the print on the CD looks like the label of a record, though it would have been better if these four songs were just pressed on vinyl to begin with! Maybe someday, so for now this CD-EP will do, containing some crackin’ tunes for fans of Stiff Little Fingers, Red Alert and early The Clash!

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