Hub City Stompers - Caedes Sudor Fermentum

Crowd Control Media / Rebel Sound / This Is Not Dead Records


Despite that America’s dirtiest ska band, the Hub City Stompers, got several releases under their belts, it was only their contribution to the “This Is Not Dead Volume 1” (“Barking Up The Wrong Tree”) 7” compilation that ever ended up on vinyl. Ridiculous of course, but luckily enough Rebel Sound and Not Dead Records (from the earlier mentioned EP) teamed up as release partners with Crowd Control Media. Combining their efforts, the three are making the first ever Hub City Stompers’ LP, “Caedes Sudor Fermentum”, happen!


But as the subtitle, “The Best Of Dirty Jersey Years”, suggests, there are no new tracks on this album, but twelve (completely remastered) moon stompers collected from the Megalith Records’ “Blood, Sweat And Beers” (2004), “Dirty Jersey” (2006) CD’s and the band’s self-released mini-CD “Mass Appeal” (2005). In the tracklist there appears to be no real chronical order, making the songs go back and forth between 2004 and 2006, turning the tracklist into a pumping and energetic mix of Hub City favorites!


Just like the collection of songs, the music is a mix of different styles as well. With a sound that skips easily from the more traditional ska of the 60’s to the more upbeat style of the 80’s and 90’s, influenced by some good old Oi! Oi! Music, Rev Sinister and co. definitely know how to keep you moving to the beat. And with lyrics that are tongue in cheek, rude, offensive, violent and sexist, with other words fucking hilarious, you’ll be doing that with a big smile on your face! The award for biggest smile on my face goes to “Skinhead Boi” and “Johnny Date Rape”, mainly due to Jenny Whiskey’s stunning vocals. But no need to put a ‘steel toe in my mouth’ Rev, because the remaining songs with you on lead vocals are sick as well!


The artwork, mashing up various elements of the artwork used on the original releases, but with an old-school tattoo twist, looks great and with the twelve tracks being remastered especially for vinyl the Dirty Jersey never sounded so crispy clean! Great LP!