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Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigres – Demo

LSC Records


Ibrahim and the who? Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigres of course! Crazy name for a band, right? Right. No wonder Ibrahim and co. covered Tulaviok’s “Cinglés” – French for crazy – for their first demo, which was released last month (October 2017) through LSC Records.


Including the aforementioned cover (and excluding the instrumental intro), Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigres’ debut demo includes a total of four rowdy sing-alongs that indeed sound a bit ‘demo-ish’. Not musically (not necessarily at least), but compared to LSC Records’ other recent demos the quality of the recordings is a bit rougher and it doesn’t contain as much volume as the other tapes.


Nonetheless Ibrahim and his boys deliver some proper, rough and ready Oi!-punk with lyrics that, despite the band name, aren’t all just fun and games. “Internet”, “Boom Din Dents” and especially “Mon Chien” don’t have much body on the lyrical front (lyrics vary per song from two to six lines), but get their message perfectly clear – if you speak French that is – or else Google Translate will.


LSC Records also did a run of just 50 cassettes for Ibrahim Et Les Dompteurs De Tigres’ demo and though it didn’t hit me as hard as Ultra Razzia’s or On The Ropes’ demos, it’s still a cool little tape by Ibrahim and his Canadian tiger tamers!

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