IENA - La Morte Chiama

Timebomb Records / S.O.A. Records


Ever wondered how RIXE would have sound like if they hailed from Firenze, Italy instead of Paris, France? Hah, me neither to be honest , but it will give you a clue of IENA - featuring members of Bomber 80, Carlos Dunga, xDeloreanx and more - and its sound!


Last year though, the Italians already debuted with the excellent mini-album “Condanna A Morte”, which was only available through Bandcamp and on a self-released cassette. Unfortunately. But now the boys from Firenze Nord finally (and rightfully) debut on vinyl thanks to S.O.A. Records and Timebomb Records with an all new, earth-shattering assault titled “La Morte Chiama”!


Despite being familiar with IENA already, these lads still managed to blow me away with their latest work! Each and every single one of the eight tracks on “La Morte Chiama” can be classified as a true, jaw-breaking powerhouse, making this 12” an absolute scorcher from start to finish! The thumping rhythm section, the buzz-saw guitar, the massive aggressive vocals - it’s all brought with a dazzling amount of passion and energy, that it will making you excited again each time you listen to it - and believe me, I’ve listened to this slab of wax a lot the last couple of days!


Now the RIXE reference in my first paragraph was a bit of a joke of course, because - just like RIXE actually, IENA is heavily influenced by the early work of Italian legends Nabat. Fast, brute stompers and mid-tempo savagery with big choruses and an enormous wall of sound (given the band only is a trio) follow each other up in a rapid pace - leaving everyone battered, bruised and stitched up behind!


It’s also hard to pick favorites here. “Sprofonda L’Abisso”, “La Morte Chiama”, “Cheval De Retour (Recidivo)”... I could literally name them all! Along with the great lay-out and artwork, IENA released one hell of a debut 12” with “La Morte Chiama” that is available on either purple (100 copies) or black (250 copies) vinyl! Bomba!