IHLE – In Allerbester Jesellschaft

IHLE Records


Straight out of Magdeburg, East-Germany comes IHLE – a relatively new outfit with some familiar faces! Who? Well, IHLE’s sound might not directly give it away, but the band completely consists out of members of Mageburg’s finest, Anti Clockwise – and that experience you undoubtedly hear back on the band’s debut album “In Allerbster Jesellschaft”!


Self-released on both LP and CD, IHLE delivers a thunderous record that shatters both earth and eardrums! Loud, proud and punk, the trio from Magdeburg delivers a ferocious mix of classic Oi! and Deutschpunk, making “In Allerbester Jesellschaft” sound fairly brilliant from start to finish. A bold, yet personal, statement obviously, but this is how I like my Oi!-Punk from Germany best – authentic and a bit rough around the edges, while the production is deliberately raw, overly aggressive and extremely powerful from start to finish!


With this destructive wall of sound and a healthy dose of skinhead power, the Germans deliver thirteen tracks total – including “DDR-Skins 1”, “Ahokjk Kamarádi”, “Arbeite Mit!”, “Alte Herrlichkeit”, “Wolfskind”, “DDR-Skins 2” and “DDR-Skins 3”. Thanks to the old photo’s used in the booklet (CD) or insert (LP), the title and front-cover being a rip-off (or tribute, depending on how you look at it) of/to Schleim-Keim’s debut LP “Abfallprodukte Der Gesellschaft” and the references in the song “DDR-Skins 3”, “In Allerbester Jesellschaft” has nostalgia written all over it and I love it!


And so will you if you like your Oi!-punk rowdy, vile, noisy and – of course – German. So look IHLE up and give “In Allerbester Jesellschaft” a go, because you won’t be disappointed – especially if you can check all of the four given boxes above!