Infa Riot - Old & Angry

Randale Records


The kids of the 80’s are back! A bit older (obviously) and a bit wiser (probably), but still full of energy and anger as proven by their live shows in recent years – Infa Riot! Now, six years after their reformation and nearly 35 years after their last release(!), the Londoners finally returned with a brand new, full-length album for Randale Records; “Old & Angry”!


As long you ignore The Infas’ “Sound And Fury” LP from ’83, “Old & Angry” is actually Infa Riot’s sophomore album, three and a half decades after their debut “Still Out Of Order”. Quite bizarre when you think of it, but quite respectful as well, especially when you hear “Old & Angry” and realize that the lads are still in for a riot and still got it in them after all these years!


But in all honesty, I’m always a bit reversed when it comes down to ‘comeback’ albums like this. But after a single spin I can already conclude that this was completely unnecessary in Infa Riot’s case. They might be old, but sure as hell still know how to write a proper tune or two... or thirteen to be more precise! “Old & Angry” contains only hits of powerful, catchy, classic British punk and Oi! anthems that you definitely want to keep listening to over and over again! “Over My Dead Body”, “Kiss My Arse”, “Attack”, “Punk And Oi!”, “I’m So Angry”, “Who The Fuck Are You”, “Proud”, “I’m More Punk Than You?”... the list goes on and they all sound superb!


Now the sound, production and style is obviously far more modern compared to their previous recordings, but despite that Infa Riot manages to keep their authenticity and deliver an album that both old, new and future fans will love! You can’t beat a little bit of punk and Oi!, especially if it’s “Old & Angry” by Infa Riot! Excellent!