Ironhead Division - Hammerwolf

Last Punkrockers Records


Coming straight out of the dirty South, Texas’ Ironhead Division are the latest pack of troublemakers that are bound to take the scene by storm with their devilish sound! Featuring members who already earned their stripes in bands such as Oxblood, Vanguard, The Beltones, Lower Class Brats and TR6, this three-piece wolfpack is ready for a different kind of beat!


Combining unholy metal and furious Oi! music, Ironhead Division unleashed their debut EP “Hammerwolf” earlier this year through Last Punkrockers Records. But with Frank Oxblood on the upright bass, an instrument he isn’t unfamiliar with if you know TR6, you can definitely add psychobilly to that list of musical influences. If it wasn’t for the band’s biography I wouldn’t even have mentioned the Oi! and metal influences, because I personally reckon the title ‘crushing psychobilly mayhem for the bootboys’ suits Ironhead Division way better!


Simply because the intro and the three remaining songs, “Hammerwolf”, “Night Patrol” and “We Don’t Care”, are exactly that. Riotous, boot in the face, American psychobilly, that you can hardly compare to any other band out there! Vicious, mean and ready to rumble, the tracks slap out of your speakers like an all-destroying tornado, leaving nothing but a torn up wasteland behind on this violent first EP!


With only 48 copies on black vinyl (sold out) and 249 copies on yellow/black splatter vinyl in its first, and only, pressing, you better be safe than sorry and pick a copy up now before it is too late! Glad I still got a hold of one, despite it being released seven months ago, because this record is definition of Texas Thunder!